Sun Fund Launches on Earth Day 2017

Welcome to Sun Fund.

Sun Fund announces the launch of our solar crowdfunding platform on Earth Day 2017 with three main goals:

  1. Provide a simple, direct way for all investors to invest directly in solar projects across the United States for a fixed 6% return.
  2. Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Also help bring solar electricity to the parts of the developing world that do not have access to electricity.

Changes at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that took effect on April 20, 2017 have modernized regulations to permit crowdfunding investments and advertising for intrastate investment offerings.  Also a dramatic reduction in the cost of solar power over the past two years has made investing in solar a better return.

Straightforward Investments that Make a Difference

Your investment is combined with other investors to provide a loan to solar projects in the United States that generate steady, long-term cash flows.  You receive a 6% percent annual return that is paid out monthly via ACH to your checking or savings account.

There are no fees of any type on your investment.  If you invest $1,000 in a project you will receive a 6% return equal to $60 annually.  Payments are made monthly so in this example you would receive $5 every month.

Sun Fund earns revenue through project management fees that are paid from the project and not by individual investors.  There are no charges to you.

Each solar project is secured by the solar equipment assets, the underlying leasehold and long-term power purchase agreements and utility incentive payments.  In other words, your investment is protected by hard assets.

Local Investments in Your Community

All solar project investments are located in the United States with most on the east coast.  These projects provide clean, renewable energy to apartment buildings, religious organizations, non-profits and small businesses.  As projects are fully funded and placed in service, the Sun Fund team is available to provide tours of solar facilities.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Each $1,000 investment in a solar project helps eliminate approximately one third of a ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CDE) from the atmosphere.  To put that in perspective, that is the equivalent to burning 387 tons of coal each year.

Combined, Sun Fund investors will help eliminate tens of thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

Bringing Solar Electricity to the Developing World

Over one billion people on the planet live in the dark – see a recent Washington Post report here.  Sun Fund will help bring off-grid solar PV power systems to families, medical centers, schools, orphanages and water purification systems in these areas.  Our first projects will be in Uganda, India and Haiti.

Even more people have electricity but it is sporadic and unreliable.  By some estimates, about 60% of health clinics in developing countries don’t have reliable electricity, meaning there is no light for night procedures or refrigeration for vaccines, medications, or blood.

The Sun Fund Team

Sun Fund was founded by experienced solar developers with decades of project financing experience.  The team has already developed and built megawatts of solar PV systems and has a demonstrated track record of reliable payments on over $5 million of existing projects.  With the new SEC regulations, Sun Fund can now offer these project investments directly to individual investors.

Join us on our mission to help the planet and bring electricity to the developing world!